What to Expect from your Mobile Massage Experience!

Using Mobile Massage MK has helped me with recovery from a hip operation and indeed allows me to now maintain regular exercise and sport without injury. Would thoroughly recommend to all ages. — Matt

Having a massage in the comfort of your own home is amazing. You’re in familiar surroundings, and there’s no need to worry about travelling, parking, finding where to go, or jumping back into the car to drive home afterwards. You can just relax and enjoy all the effects, for longer.

However, it can come with some concerns, too. You’re inviting someone into your home, who you may not know, with equipment and tools of the trade. This may even be your first massage, and you have no idea how to dress or what will happen.

In this blog post, we’ll answer some of these questions you may have about your Mobile Massage MK experience.

Having a new therapist in your home

I’m a fully qualified professional who takes my work and reputation very seriously. I want you to feel completely comfortable with me as your therapist. I’m very happy for you to talk to a couple of my other clients. I will be happy to pass on some contact details. You can get some references about the overall treatment, and the after effects of what I can do. I’ve also got several kind reviews here, so please do have a look at them too.

“I had a massage recently and Pavol really took the time to understand what was wrong with my back and shoulders. He’s very professional and friendly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!”

—Bhavini Lakhani (Facebook review)

You are more than welcome to ask a friend or relative to be present in the house during your massage. You can even have them in the same room if you wish.

How to prepare the room for your massage?

Make space for the massage table—it’s about 2m long and 1m wide (6ft long and 2ft wide). I will bring everything needed for the massage, including the table, towels, soothing music, aroma lamp and oils.

You may also want to warm up the room a little more than usual. If you’d like to create a spa-like atmosphere, feel free to light some scented candles or oils.

What to wear?

Something loose and comfortable is recommended. I will prepare the massage area when I arrive, and then leave the room while you undress to your underwear (or a level that you are comfortable with) in privacy. You can then lie down on the massage table face down, covered from the waist down with towels.

What Happens During the Massage?

I will work through your treatment, working on each part of your body while making sure that the rest is covered with the towel. If you need to turn over, I will help you to keep the towel in place while you turn.

After the massage, I will leave the room once more to allow you to get up at your own pace, and get dressed again. I am more than happy to talk over any concerns you may have before, during or after your treatment. Please do get in touch at any time.

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