Make yourself priority — FREE 30min live Zoom interactive session.

Join Pavol on Friday 26th February @2pm for a FREE 30min Zoom interactive live session.

Pavol is owner of Mobile Massage MK and Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist specialising in chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions such as lower back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, migraines and headaches.

In this 30 min. Zoom Live session Pavol will teach you techniques to look after your body and mind.

You will learn

  • How you can alleviate your back, neck and shoulders pain,
  • Effective mobility moves and stretches
  • Mindfulness technique to reduce the stress and boost your mental health.

This is great for you if you are sitting all day working at the computer and have sore back, neck/shoulders and feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Click below to watch live or get the recording!

Feel free to invite your friends or family for this end of the week wellness boost.